For 15 years, I have worked closely with many ISPs and seen them erode the privacy of their customers by hijacking DNS queries, utilizing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to inject ads into web pages, build advertising profiles on their customers, and decide what you should and shouldn’t do with the connection you pay for by throttling or blocking legitimate services. I am not a privacy zealot. I can also understand that corporations have shareholders to please and there is a desire to to show quarter-over-quarter growth. But I also feel that as consumers, we should have a choice in whether we allow ourselves to be monetized and we should be able to use the connection we pay for in any manner we choose that is legal. I also believe that people everywhere have a right to express themselves freely and consume whatever information they wish. Proxies and VPN can assist in this endeavor by allowing a user to access content that would otherwise be blocked by their government.

To that end, a decade ago I decided to start Traffic Cloak. Due to hardware issues and legal threats, I eventually made the decision to close up, which I deeply regret. It has nagged at the back of my mind ever since and so I feel it’s time to do offer service again.

The VPN industry is now generating billions of dollars a year in revenue, there are massive providers with thousands of servers across the globe, but I still think there is room for the small guys. To that end, my goal is not to sell the cheapest or entice the non-technical users with fancy websites and interfaces. If you’re here, you probably know how to set up an IPsec connection or install and configure Shadowsocks. To that end, I just want to provide you a secure connection that is fast, consistent, and reasonably priced.